Repair Terms & Conditions

Agreement for repair

Do you have a broken tablet, phone, or laptop and want to get it fixed by Wireless Place Repairs? Please read our terms & conditions below before bringing your product to us, as these will govern the repair process. Submitting your product to WPR means you agree with our repair policy.

If your device is under the manufacturer’s warranty at the time of submission, then our terms of warranty will apply separately (see below ↓). Please remember that our limited warranty is only applicable to the repairs we perform, and additional fees will be charged for the damage not covered by it. For example, if we fix a charging port and your phone picks up liquid damage, there will be additional charges for this repair, even if the device is still under warranty. However, we will notify you of the extra fees and not begin the repair work without your approval.

Another thing: if we offer you a loaner device while your device is being treated, please make sure to use it carefully. This is because you will be liable to pay the retail price of the loaner device in case it gets damaged or lost.

Data Policy

Wireless Place Repairs is not responsible for the loss, corruption, or protection of data on your device. Also, we will not backup or restore your data and deny any agreement or obligation to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information. The responsibility of your data backup, recovery, and protection is solely on you. So, please don’t forget to make a copy of your important data and remove any confidential or personal information from your device before bringing it to us.

Our Responsibilities & Limited Warranty

Wireless Place Repairs reserves the right to use reconditioned or new components to perform repairs. Every repaired/replaced case, pouch, and holster at WPR comes with a three-month or 90 days warranty. In contrast, our other repairs/replacements carry a warranty equal to what's left of the Limited Warranty offered by the device's manufacturer. If your device isn't under any warranty, you will get our standard 90 days warranty on regular repairs while a whole year on Premium and Premium Plus repairs.

In case a device breaks down under warranty, there is always an option to return it to WPR for assessment. However, the device’s owner must pay all the shipping fees as we are only responsible for diagnosing the defect and repairing/replacing the device free of cost. Please keep in mind that our limited warranty is inapplicable to:

  • • Mishandling
  • • Physical damage
  • • Liquid damage
  • • Inadequate interfacing
  • • Unauthorized modification
  • • Operation outside of design limits
  • • Improper repairs done by someone other than WPR
  • • Use of parts/accessories not provided by WPR
  • • Defects resulting from your negligence, etc.

This warranty is INVALID if your device has been tampered with (broken seal) or caught damage due to excessive corrosion; current, heat, moisture, or vibration; misapplication; misuse; abuse, or other factors that we can’t control.

Similarly, our software warranty is applicable to factory restores, backups, jailbreaks, and unlocks. If you attempt to modify software installed by WPR on your computer, laptop, or phone and it loses functionality, then this warranty is CANCELLED.

Unauthorized software is the primary source of virus, malware, and spyware. If you download an unlicensed program and your device becomes infected with virus, malware, or spyware, then this warranty is NULL AND VOID. Remember that all your irresponsible actions that lead to software/hardware problems in your device after leaving our store make this warranty UNTENABLE.

Additionally, we can take all the replaced devices, parts, and components, etc., as our property and force you to relinquish your rights to the device unless prohibited by the law. As mentioned in our ‘Data on Device’ section, Wireless Place Repairs is only liable for the physical protection of your device while it is being serviced at one of our stores. We will also replace your device if it gets lost with an equivalent one in a revamped or brand new condition or repair any damage to it caused due to our negligence without extra costs while in our possession.

Lastly, if you fail to pick up the device or arrange for its return within 30 days after the repair has been done despite WPR’s continual efforts to contact you, the device will be considered abandoned. In such a situation, Wireless Place Repairs holds the right to dispose of or sell the device per the applicable laws to retrieve the repair and administrative costs.

Limitation of Liability/Indemnity

The previous section explains the full scope of our responsibilities. Please remember that WPR is not responsible for failures or delays in repairs due to events beyond our control. To the maximum extent permitted by the local and federal laws, Wireless Place Repairs, its technicians, agents, and employees are under no circumstances liable for any damage resulting from the repaired device’s performance, including but not limited to special, consequential, or punitive damages, loss of business, loss of savings, loss of revenue, loss of profits (actual and anticipated), loss of goodwill, loss of data, data corruption, data breach, or any cost of restoring programs on your device.

All the implied warranties, such as warranties without limitation and merchantability & fitness warranties, are only valid for the limited warranty’s duration. Suppose you are from a state or area that does not impose limitations on the duration of implied warranties or disclaim/limit incidental or consequential damages. In that case, WPR will be obliged to renounce these limitations and disclaimers for you.

However, if Wireless Place Repairs faces claims resulting from your breach of applicable laws or our terms and conditions, you will be liable to protect us until the claim’s settlement.

Terms Modification Policy

Wireless Place Repairs has not authorized anyone to modify these terms and conditions, including its employees, agents, dealers, representatives, and resellers. Also, no individuals and firms are allowed to extend our Limited Warranty durations or make binding agreements or claims in advertisements, presentations, etc., on behalf of WPR without our consent. Doing so will result in a severe civil or legal penalty.


You and WPR agree that all these terms and conditions are applicable to the fullest extent of the law. In case a portion of these Tc & Cs is declared inapplicable by a court or concerning authorities, it will not invalidate the whole policy. Only the unenforceable section will be considered as such.

Scope of Agreement

These Tc & Cs encompass all the provisions agreed by the relevant parties within the legal boundaries and refute other contracts done between the parties in the past.

Metadata Collection

Wireless Place Repair’s metadata policy is developed to inform its users of the types of information it collects from them. It is also meant to inform you under which conditions we share this information and with whom.

So, before choosing to work with us, please know that we will collect metadata logs during the repair process. This practice aims to improve our symptom evaluation process and the future functionality of diagnostic tools. Typically, we collect the following data types:

  • • Owner’s phone number
  • • Device’s model number, IMEI, and serial number
  • • Downloaded applications and their corresponding settings
  • • Default applications and their relevant settings

Wireless Place Repairs will be the only one using your data for service improvement. In rare cases, we may share it with our affiliates, but no further data distribution will occur without your consent.

Applicable Law & Dispute Resolution

All of our terms and conditions are per the laws of the State of Florida. You and Wireless Place Repairs agree that accepting these Tc & Cs refutes your right to take the dispute to court or jury, meaning that all the conflicts between you and WPR, its employees, representatives, and affiliates will be resolved through binding arbitration. The disputes include but are not limited to fraud, misrepresentation, and negligence. Please note that our row with you will not be viewed in the same light as our disputes with other individuals or entities, and under no circumstances will it take the shape of a class action or class arbitration.

All arbitrations will occur in Orange County, FL before an arbitrator qualified enough to hear both parties and pass the judgment as per these terms & conditions and the applicable laws. The arbitration will take place under AAA (American Arbitration Association) Commercial Arbitration Rules meant to resolve consumer disputes under the Federal Arbitration Act.

We prefer arbitration because it is less dramatic and provides a speedier resolution than court.

Personal Information

Wireless Place Repairs only uses your personal information such as name, phone number, email/residential address, etc., to provide you with your desired service. We do not sell, rent, or disclose your private data with anyone except for WPR vendors. Even with them, the information is shared on as needed basis and with your approval.

Website Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Wireless Place Repairs’ website usage policy. Please read these terms and conditions carefully because access to and use of WPR products, services, website (website link), and all of its content (text, graphics, sound, trademarks, logos, etc.) is subject to these terms. Therefore, you must agree with everything written here. Visiting Wireless Place Repairs’ website or creating an account on it automatically binds you to these terms and implies your continued acceptance of all of our terms, conditions, notices, and any modifications to them in the future.

Terms that represent the owner of this website: ‘Wireless Place Repairs,’ ‘us,’ ‘we,’ ‘our.’

Terms that represent the users or visitors of this website: ‘You.’

Keep in mind that visiting our website means you are responsible for all your actions on it. Wireless Place Repairs or its employees, agents, merchants, licensors, or anyone linked to our company in any form will not be liable for any damages that arise from your activity on our website.

Please also remember that this website does not offer any kind of warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability, availability of the website. It comes “as is,” and WPR reserves the right to change any of its aspects/features or discontinue them at any time without informing you.

Limitation of Liability

Everything that features on the WPR website located at (web address) such as graphics, text, photographs, audios, videos, artwork, visual interfaces, user interfaces, etc., is solely for informational purposes. Wireless Place Repairs reserves the right to change it without notice.

Another thing to remember is that Wireless Place Repairs or its affiliates do not provide any warranty regarding preciseness, inclusiveness, aptness, and functionality of the content on the WPR website. By visiting the website or creating an account on it, you accept that our company is not liable for any inaccuracies or errors found in that material and is under no obligation to fix the mistakes or take down any part of the content.


You agree to use this website at your own risk and indemnify WPR employees, agents, and third-party associates against any claims, damages, or losses of any kind and nature directly or indirectly arising from your use of this website.

You also agree that Wireless Place Repairs is not liable to ensure accuracy and completion of the content on our website. It’s solely your responsibility to confirm that any information regarding our products or services on the WPR website meets your individual requirements.

Wireless Place Repairs will not hold you liable for the use and reproduction of trademarks that do not belong to us in any right or form featured on this website.

Wireless Place Repairs does not allow unauthorized use of this website. In case you do so, we reserve the right to file a complaint about damages, criminal offense, or both.

Please note that we frequently add external links to our website. However, the purpose of this practice is not the endorsement or promotion of the linked websites. We simply do so to further educate our visitors on specific products or services. Our company is not liable for the content on those sites or any damages resulting from visiting them.

Copyright Infringement

Wireless Place Repairs strictly prohibits unauthorized use, display, transmission, reproduction, modification, selling, and distribution of all the materials of its website except the ones in the public domain as per the copyright laws of the United States. Please also note that WPR does not allow reverse engineering, recompilation, transcription, disassembly, translation into any other human/computer language, retransmission (video/audio) through electronic or mechanical means without our written consent. If an individual or a company violates our copyright policy, we hold the right to take civil or legal action.

Our website's copyrighted material includes but is not limited to:

  • • HTML Code
  • • JAVA Applets
  • • ActiveX Controls
  • • Website architecture
  • • All software on the website
  • • Original works of authorship such as slogans, taglines, graphics, visual elements, company-related images, etc.

Remember that we respect the intellectual property rights of others the same way we respect ours. Hence, we encourage you to notify us if you come across material that you believe violates your copyright or links that redirect you to other websites containing the infringing material on the WPR website. If your claim is proven right, we will take down the content and disable all such links.

Changes to Website Usage Policy

Wireless Place Repairs has the right to modify its website usage policy, and these modifications will be effective promptly after being published on the website. We may or may not send you a notification. Therefore, you are responsible for reviewing this policy regularly as your continued use of our website will be considered acceptance of all the changes.

If you are uncomfortable or in disagreement with the modified policy, your only option is to discontinue the use of the WPR website.

Waiver And Severability

The failure of WPR to enforce a stipulation will not constitute a waiver of its right to enforce it later. Likewise, if a competent authority finds one of our terms invalid, it will not affect our website usage policy's remaining terms and conditions. They will remain in full force and effect.